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Amteck Gains Forty Years of Experience in Automation Process Systems

Amteck Gains Forty Years of Experience in Automation Process Systems

Expanding its Electrical Construction Capabilities with the Addition of PGI


Amteck acquires Proformance Group Incorporated, (PGI) a South Carolina-based multi-industry multi-process electrical automation expertise business with over 40 years of experience working in the electrical & instrumentation design and construction field.

The inclusion of PGI’s talent and experienced network of personal extends Amtecks’ capabilities and expertise into the electric intricacies of the automation process sector. With PGI on board, Amteck can immediately begin working on client’s most complex process systems including: automation controls, control paneling fabrication, system integration, and a wide variety of automation process systems.

“We are thrilled to add PGI to the Amteck family, bringing another area of expertise on board, allows us to grow into a higher level of sophistication within the industry. Plus, with process in-house, puts us in a position to better serve our clients.”  Amteck’s Chief Executive Officer Daren Turner said.

Over the years, PGI has built a diversified process portfolio working in several different industries which include: pharmaceutical and biotech corporations; food and beverage production companies; automotive and major players in the oil and gas sectors; as well as other large multinational industrial companies.

Rod Smith, the founder of PGI, is a professional engineer with a Master’s of Science, Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University. After attaining his degree, Smith worked seven years building new manufacturing automation process systems from start to finish, and in 1974 he decided to begin his own company, PGI.

Smith, CEO of PGI, said, “I am extremely proud to be a part of a company with a solid reputation like Amteck. We emphasize quality, customer satisfaction, and the safety of our employees and consider it an honor to be a part of a company with the same core values.”

About Amteck

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