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ABC Excellence In Construction Awards

ABC Excellence In Construction Awards

Amteck Earns ABC’s Indiana/Kentucky 2019 Excellence in Construction Awards

Award of Excellence

Amteck earns Award of Excellence for Weber Metals.

The project consisted of a complete design-build concept for a 115,000 s.f. square production building to house the 60,000-ton, pull-down forging press, which is the largest press serving the aerospace industry in the Western hemisphere. The machine is nearly 10 stories tall yet only one-third is visible – the other two-thirds are below ground level.  The titanium and aluminum component manufacturing facility allows Weber Metals, a wholly owned subsidiary of OTTO FUCHS, to produce the world’s largest monolithic forging components for the aerospace industry.

Award of Merit

Amteck earns Award of Merit for the University of Kentucky’s Research Facility.

This facility will enable multidisciplinary research teams—basic biomedical research, health services, public health, behavioral sciences, bioinformatics and big data, economics and engineering—to work together to develop solutions to these complex problems and help Kentuckians live healthier lives.


Opening in September 2018, Phase 1 includes some of the basement and floor 1, and all of floors 2 and 3.


  • 300,000 square feet
  • 6 floors of biomedical laboratories (96 benches), 3 floors of researchers in Connector Building
  • Modern animal facility in basement
  • Core facilities with imaging, behavioral & metabolic shared equipment for all health areas
  • Combined underground loading dock to service buildings in this complex
  • Green-roof over basement connecting new building to BBSRB with Wi-Fi capability
  • Glass walls & large windows for natural lighting & an open environment


  • 100-seat capacity auditorium that opens to 1st-floor atrium
  • 2nd-floor conference rooms & additional collaborative spaces on each floor
  • Restaurant & bike room to enable healthy eating & commuting


  • Most floors have 3 neighborhoods (6 laboratory benches in each neighborhood)
  • Benches are flanked by procedure rooms with specialized equipment
  • Linear equipment hall down the center of each lab floor to improve efficiency of operations
  • Faculty offices flank corners of each neighborhood


  • Corridor from BBSRB to new building on 2nd floor
  • Behavioral and computational research suites on 2nd floor
  • Offices and personnel carrels on floors 2, 3 & 4