Amteck’s Pre-fab facility is designed to pre-fabricate all the electrical devices located in partition and block walls on all its projects.This includes convenience outlets, light switches, data and phone stub-ups, fire alarm boxes and conduit raceways.

These assemblies will be fabricated in our pre-fab facility where the work will be done by, or under direct supervision of a licensed electrician. All assemblies are UL listed.

All of our work is manufactured in a controlled atmosphere and function tested before being shipped to our job sites. This significantly speeds up the installation process to reduce time on job sites and improve the quality of all assemblies.

It is our intention to reduce cost on labor and material, to insure savings to our customer, and to be more competitive in our field. Amteck strives to be the best electrical contractor it can be and we feel our Pre-fab facility is one-step in achieving that goal.

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