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Client Testimonials

With customer satisfaction as our primary goal, Amteck delivers the latest in cutting edge technology in the electrical contracting industry. Beginning with an emphasis on personal service, Amteck provides electrical engineering and contracting designed to meet each customer’s specific needs.

“We pride ourselves on being very selective with the subcontractors we work with, and Amteck is truly a partner for Clayco all over the United States. Amteck’s culture is very similar to Clayco’s in that they hire the ‘best and the brightest’ and maintain that ‘the job is the boss.’ The relationship is one that I would consider as a ‘win/win’ for both companies.”

David Moses

Scott Parker

“As Gray’s business has grown over the decades, an integral component was our relationship with essential business partners and Amteck is ‘Exhibit A’ in that regard… The list of qualities we see in Amteck is too long to measure, but to touch on those that are on the top of my mind: commitment to safety, loyalty, engineering, and construction expertise, willingness to do ‘whatever it takes’, ‘never say quit’ attitude, and fair and balanced.”

James O’Leary

“Amteck is a true partner to Haskell in every way with a teaming relationship that is often unique to our industry. Amteck’s culture is very similar to Haskell’s which is why we enjoy such a close relationship… Amteck is instrumental in Haskell’s strategy  moving forward with an expectation we will continue to deepen our partnership.”

John Massey

“As the Richmond Centre job comes to a close, I wanted to take a moment to recognize how valuable AMTECK has been throughout the course of this job. Their crews have worked countless hours, throughout various aspects of the job and met every deadline we have given them, despite various hurdles we have thrown your way. I want to extend my thank you to the entire AMTECK staff and truly hope we can work together on future ventures. AMTECK has some terrific superintendents. Without them, I’m convinced we wouldn’t have made our deadlines. Thanks again for everyone’s hard work.”