Apprenticeship "EMPLOYEES ONLY"


For Active Full-Time Employees of Amteck ONLY

Recommendation from management required after employees are evaluated

Amteck is training our future leaders:

  • Apprentices (registered 4-yr program)
  • Licensed Electricians (Journeyman)
  • Master Electricians
  • Project Foremen
  • Project Superintendents
  • Project Managers
Amteck, through agreements with the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF LABOR, offers the benefits of:
  • Getting "EMPLOYEES” signed on as a Registered Apprentice with the Labor Board
  • Getting "EMPLOYEES” trained in all aspects of the electrical industry through a 4-year program
  • Pay scales will be monitored and increases will be given as milestones are met according to the program
  • After 4-years of this program you will have an advantage over other employees, when higher positions become available

Possible benefit is available by becoming a registered apprentice. You can work anywhere in the United States.

Enrollment as an apprentice will be determined after evaluations and recommendations from management have been submitted.
Lexington based classes will start in September and end in April each year.
Classes will be held on Mondays or Fridays during normal working hours, due to hours required for completing the class room portion of the program.This is based on job schedules to work a 4-10 schedule
  • This is based on job schedules to work a 4-10 schedule
  • Not all jobs will work the 4-10
  • Our best efforts will be made to try and get apprentices on jobs that can accommodate this schedule, or make other arrangements to try and make the 40-hour work week happen) (This may not always be successful)

Louisville based classes will start in August and end in May each year.
Classes will be held at IEC in Louisville week nights per IEC schedules. Registration through Amteck direct.

TN / SC / OUT OF STATE Traveling based classes will start in November and end in May each year.
Classes will be held at various locations for week long meetings each class period.

Jon Dougherty
License Manager / Education Director
Office: 859-255-9546 ext. 1155

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